Buying from ambassadors

With our ambassadors, you can more easily interact with us, physically, where you can count on their help in the entire process of acquiring the entrance ticket to Festança, without having to buy it online. They are the face of Festança!

Our ambassador Rosana Pereira will be physically available in the regions of Guimarães and Porto. A little about Rosana:

“I’m Rosana, a born festival-goer who loves listening to good music, socializing and meeting people, and it was at Festancinha that I met these good people from the organization and hence the invitation to join the team as an ambassador. I have a degree in socio-cultural animation and I’ve always had dance in my body and soul. My connection to Nature and its cycles throughout life deepened, and the completion of my PDC made everything even more aware. Therefore, I am here with all my heart to integrate and contribute to this wonderful event and reunion of Souls! Aho!!”

To contact our Ambassador Rosana, throughout the 3 stages of ticket sales, you can do so through the following contacts:
Regions – Guimarães, Porto

Take advantage of the fact that between the 15th and 25th of July 2022, when you buy 5 tickets for your group of friends, the 5th ticket is a gift! Do it with Rosana’s help! Stay connected!

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